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Roku is a mobile application that is an addition to digital media players of the same name. With this mobile app for iOS and Android, you can control your Roku media, use it as a TV remote control, use your voice to control your TV, and much more. The application has been downloaded by more than 10 million people, which confirms its popularity in the USA.

What’s Good

  • Wide range of functions;
  • Intuitive interface;
  • Interaction with Roku TV and media players;
  • Voice Control Function;
  • Easy control of Netflix, Apple TV, Roku TV;
  • Access to the latest film and television news.

What’s Bad

  • Incorrect synchronization with some TV devices;
  • Failures and errors.


Use the Roku mobile app as a second remote for your TV or media set-top box from a developer company. The program for smartphones and tablets is more functional than a conventional remote control. You can use your voice to control searches and commands, broadcast TV, and movies on different devices, switch channels, and manage content. Many users will agree that it is convenient to enter letters and numbers in the search string from a mobile device. Therefore, the Roku application is indispensable for owners of media devices of the same name. With this program, you can easily manage Netflix, Apple TV, Roku TV, and other online TV services.


The developers have chosen purple and dark colors as the main background of the interface. White inscriptions can be read well on a dark background, so there are no difficulties with the perception of information. Users will also appreciate the quality of images in the setting and control mode.


Roku is a useful mobile app for those who often watch TV and simplify their TV media management. The greatest efficiency of this free program is achieved with a branded Roku media center.

Claudia Holland

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