About Us

Hi guys! We are the team of Francoermarmista and we plunge headlong into the fascinating world of mobile applications.

We learn about the abundance of existing applications on the market, select the best of them and collect them for you on our site.

We also write reviews on apps that help users navigate the plethora of titles and find the best ones based on their demands.
With our tips and recommendations, direct links to the store to find the right mobile app are a breeze and just plain fun.

Why did we find our interest in mobile applications?

The answer is simple. There are 2.5 billion people around the world who use their smartphones daily. And half of the world's Internet traffic belongs to mobile applications.

So we came to an obvious conclusion: loads and loads of people on the planet need high quality, well developed and really useful apps for their smartphones.
There is no need to use low-speed mobile apps when the software world has prepared top-notch apps for all purposes.

We also did research that showed us the correlation of the mobile apps that smartphone users operate on a daily basis.

  • More than a third of the apps we use everyday are social media apps (almost 40%).
  • Game apps and messengers are used by 10% of customers each.
  • 7% of daily apps in mobile apps belong to retail apps.

On our site you will find all the applications necessary for your smartphone for all purposes. Chat, entertain, educate, buy is much better with applications carefully selected by Francoermarmista.

You will also find detailed comments on each application that will help you better understand if this application meets your needs.

So do you need your smartphone to be packed with first class apps?

This kind of applications will allow your smartphone to be as efficient as possible. And you will get the perfect user experience afterwards.
Simply browse our Francoermarmista, read qualified reviews, and find the best mobile apps for your needs.