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Roblox is a multiplayer game released in 2006 and runs on the following platforms: Xbox One, Android, Windows, iOS, macOS, Fire OS. In this service, players create games themselves. You can create your own game, test yourself as a programmer, designer, animator, and many others, as well as play games created by other players, and dress your character! A very pleasant game for children and adolescents of 8-14 years old.

What's Good

  • Cross-platform game;
  • Shareware;
  • Pretty good graphics;
  • Great multiplayer implementation;
  • The gameplay is easily synchronized across different devices and OS.

What's Bad

  • Obsessive and quite expensive donation;
  • There is no control over the gameplay by the developers.


The interface is quite simple and easy to use, and even a child can handle this game and figure out where to go to play. Below is how the start page looks like, or in other words, "Robox player profile". The graphics are quite bright and catchy, they perfectly attract the attention of children.

Gameplay and controls

In this game, you can choose different modes and play them. The game is like a Lego man that you can choose and design for the clothes. In this game, you can be friends with different players and play with them. This is a big plus, you make new friends. The game has a lot of modes, popular modes can be found easily, because they are played by a lot of players, and non-popular modes are not so interesting to play. You can also like for any mode, or you can create your mode yourself, and it's very exciting.

The game is very interesting! The games are free to play, but gamers can purchase a digital currency called Robux to buy additional features. For example, in a theme park, players can pay to create a custom jukebox or take more rides, while in a ninja game, they can pay to increase their speed.  

Our verdict

Roblox is a platform game for Windows that is very popular now, even though it was released a long time ago. The app consists of many mini-games. Players will have the opportunity to choose the project they need, which can be edited in their way. The graphics of the game, its design, original and beautiful, and the controls are always the same. It is a fascinating pastime, it is interesting to acquire new skills, to express oneself, to reveal personal creative potential.

Claudia Holland

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