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  • Developer: MOB Games
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Poppy Playtime is a horror video game developed and published by the indie studio MOB Games. The game puts you in the shoes of a nameless protagonist who must explore a factory in search of answers.  The factory has long been abandoned and dangerous, and you must use your wits to stay alive. Can you navigate your way out of this dreadful dream?


Poppy Playtime is a horror and adventure game set in an old, empty factory. The player must explore it and solve riddles and puzzles while staying alive. The gameplay is addictive and will make you watch with bated breath. The player must use his wits and dexterity to survive. The gameplay mechanics are uncomplicated and simple to grasp. There are no intricate riddles or obstacles to conquer.


The graphics in Poppy Playtime are colorful and child-friendly. The factory is well-designed and full of dark corners and hidden objects. The visuals are excellently crafted and enhance the ambiance of the game. The graphics are not particularly realistic, but they are clear and easy to understand.

The graphics are dark and atmospheric. The abandoned factory is well-rendered and feels truly eerie. The enemy designs are creepy and will send a shiver down your spine. Additionally, the game’s atmosphere and graphics are well-done and worth revisiting.

The graphics of Poppy Playtime are dark and gritty. The game takes place in an abandoned factory, and the graphics reflect this. The game is not colorful, but the dark colors add to the game's atmosphere. The graphics are well done and help to create a dark and suspenseful atmosphere.


The command inputs are straightforward and quick to grasp. The character is operated using the arrow keys on the keyboard. The WASD keys are utilized for navigation and the mouse is used to change the perspective. The E key is used for object interactions. The controls are designed to be uncomplicated and easy to use. Additionally, the GrabPack is also not difficult to manage.


Poppy Playtime is not a particularly replayable game. Once the player has completed all the levels, there is not much reason to go back and play them again. However, the lack of variety in the gameplay means that the game is not particularly replayable.


Poppy Playtime is a challenging and atmospheric horror game. The gameplay is easy to understand, and the controls are straightforward. The game is not particularly replayable. The puzzles are challenging, and the enemies are creepy. If you are a fan of horror games, then you will enjoy Poppy Playtime.

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