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Plague Inc. is an innovative and exciting strategy game created by Ndemic Creations. It is a game where the player is put in control of a deadly virus, and it is up to them to spread it until it has wiped out humanity. The game has a unique blend of strategy, simulation, and risk-taking that make it a must-play for any fan of the genre.

New better graphics

Plague Inc. has a highly detailed and realistic graphical style. The game has a range of different environments and scenarios for the player to choose from. From the cold tundra of the Arctic to the scorching deserts of the Sahara, the game has a lot of variety. The visuals are incredibly detailed, with a variety of different characters and objects to interact with.

Really interesting gameplay

The gameplay of Plague Inc. is complex and engaging. Players must choose the right tactics to spread their virus in order to achieve total victory. They must also manage their resources and make sure they do not run out of energy. The game also features various different scenarios, which can be unlocked as the player progresses.

Plague Inc. has high replay value, as it is easy to replay the game with different strategies and tactics. The game also has a range of different scenarios and difficulty levels to choose from, making it a great game to come back to.


Plague Inc. is a must-play for any strategy fan. Its unique blend of strategy, simulation, and risk-taking make it a highly engaging and rewarding experience. The game also has high replay value with its range of scenarios and difficulty levels.


  • A unique blend of strategy, simulation, and risk-taking;
  • Highly detailed and realistic graphics;
  • Variety of different scenarios and environments;
  • Complex and engaging gameplay;
  • High replay value;
  • Range of difficulty levels;
  • Fun and exciting.


  • Can be overwhelming for new players;
  • Limited range of different game modes;
  • Some levels can be quite challenging;
  • Occasional bugs and glitches;
  • Can be quite time-consuming.

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