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Microsoft Excel

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Microsoft Excel

Excel is a Microsoft Office spreadsheet application that lets you store, organize, and analyze information. If you have the impression that Excel is used only by experts to perform complex tasks, then you are wrong! Anyone can take advantage of all the capabilities of Excel and use their full power to solve their problems. The interface of Excel 2013 is very similar to that of Excel 2010. If you have previously worked with Excel 2010, then mastering Excel 2013 will not be difficult.

What’s Good

  • Automation of all final calculations;
  • Possibility of solving problems by selecting values ​​with different parameters;
  • Possibility of processing the experimental results.

What’s Bad

  • The complexity of the simultaneous work of several users with one information system;
  • Increased influence of the "human factor" on the correctness of tables.

Interface and navigation

The multi-window interface allows you to simultaneously work with several different tables, switch between them, transfer data from one to another, and save linked tables in one file. Basic knowledge will allow you not only to enter information into cells and form rows and columns but also to operate with data to obtain the desired results. Excel is still one of the most underestimated by the majority of users of Microsoft products.

Usability and functionality

Whether you're an experienced user or a newbie, there are many ways to make your Excel experience easier. All cells can be selected with the Ctrl + A key combination, which, by the way, works in all other programs. This feature is also available throughout Windows and can be used in many applications. For example, to switch tabs in the browser. Text and numerical data can be easily entered into fields, which allows you to quickly structure the available information and display it understandably. Also, users use the function of summing data in cells, similar to a huge calculator. But the capabilities of Excel do not end there, because the main component of this program is analytics. It is the ability to perform operations with the entered data that distinguishes it from the usual table editor. Often, you can reduce the number of actions and programs installed on your computer by mastering the functionality of Excel completely. The convenience of this practical program is that it is multifunctional and easy to use.

Our verdict

Excel program allows you to create and print documents in the form of tables, perform calculations, etc. Excel training allows you to unleash the full potential of this convenient office program for accountants, economists, financiers, secretaries, and managers. With almost limitless functionality, Excel allows you to work with data at different levels. In this case, most often users are interested in the basic ability to create tables.

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