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Gacha Life

Gacha Life is a mobile game developed by NHN Japan. The player takes on the role of a new student, and must attend school while balancing building relationships with classmates to win their "affection" and complete quests to achieve goals.


The player starts Gacha Life as a new student, with a set amount of "affection" that is required to pass the game. Each day, the player must go to school and balance their time talking to their classmates to build their "affection" and completing quests to achieve goals. The player can also "make friends" with other students, and can "date" other students if they reach a certain level of "affection". The objective of this game is to make friends, collect clothes, and go on adventures.

The game starts by creating a character using a variety of customizable options. Once your character is created, the game takes you to a map where you can visit the various areas of the game. To move from one area to another, you click on the arrows that appear on the map. The game has a currency system which grants you in-game money to purchase clothing, hairstyles, and other items.


The graphics of Gacha Life are simplistic cartoons. The graphics of this game are 3D and have a cartoonish style. The character designs are also very diverse. One of the most distinctive features of this game is that the characters are not drawn from a third-person perspective.

Information about replayability

Gacha Life is a game that can be played again, but the player can only replay the game up to a certain level before it becomes impossible to continue. The player can also continue the game by paying for "Diamonds" to purchase items. Gacha Life is a game that, because of its different characters, clothes, and quests, is enjoyable to play multiple times. The game is also free, and doesn't have any in-app purchases.


  • The player is able to explore a 3D world
  • The player can chat with their classmates
  • The player can date other students
  • The player can "make friends" with other students and can "help" other students with their problems
  • The player can explore different locations, including the city, the school, and the bars
  • The player can explore different outfits and choose different hair styles.
  • The player can make money by completing quests
  • The player can "choose the face and personality of their protagonist."


  • The player can only date other students at a certain level of "affection"
  • The player's "affection" can be depleted quickly
  • The player can only explore the school and the city
  • The player can only explore one outfit


Gacha Life is a free mobile game for Android and iOS that has an objective of making friends, collecting clothes, and going on adventures. The graphics of this game are 3D and have a cartoonish style. This game is free to download and the only way to make in-game purchases is to use real money.

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