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Brain Out – Can you pass it?

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Brain Out – Can you pass it?

Brain Out Review: Play Smart and Without Stress

Brain Out is a free, completely satisfying puzzle game played on most mobile devices. Here you will find lots of tests developing your logical thinking, improving your memory, and showing off your knowledge. The kids especially will be delighted to immerse in the humorous process and solve the suggested riddles.


  • The title is available in three languages for free;
  • There are a lot of developing puzzles;
  • There are daily rewards for the winners.


  • Be ready to view a lot of advertisements;
  • Rich offering.

Brain Out delivers various types of situations allowing you to choose the most appropriate approach and succeed in the game. Once downloaded, the app will create a network within other users where you can find like-minded persons and interact with them. Though, the complicity level suits children, the adults can try the game as well. By completing the suggested tasks, you will stimulate your brain and instincts. There are a lot of moments requiring you to show creativity. Be ready to play differently and forget about the rules you have learned before. The ordinary thinking will not help you to cope with the smart and unusual puzzles as far as the right answer is quite a wizard. Think twice before you decide on the solution. Anyway, you will have a lot of fun exercising your brainpower. The gameplay is simple and low-tech. We’d say, still, it does not spoil the effect. If your kids play it, they will develop calculation, concentration, reaction, and ability to match the objects.


The title comes with fascinating-sounding, playful, colorful graphics and a user-friendly interface. As far as the title is focused on the kids, you can be sure that navigation and controls are extremely easy. There will be a displayed puzzle with the cute images around, and you are expected to make a choice by simply tapping. There are several levels. While passing them, you will count the number of hairs, turn on the fan, save a cute character, escape a room – be ready to do a lot of things. The replayability is rather strong due to coming challenges and frequent updates.

Absolutely unpredictable game

This is a smart title giving you hours of easy downtime without any special efforts to apply. We recommend it for kids. It is played without interruption, but if it happens that you have to get distracted, you can come back to finish later. The title is extremely popular all over the world, being considered as the most downloaded free mobile title.

Claudia Holland

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