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  • Developer: Artax Games.
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In a weekend filled with the buzz of the top 100 Bluey episodes, families got a treat with the release of Bluey: The Videogame. This brand-new addition to the Bluey universe claims to offer a virtual experience as delightful as the hit animated series. Here, we dive into the details of the game, evaluating from visuals and gameplay mechanics to the value it provides.

A True Reflection of Bluey's Artistic Charm

At first glance, Bluey: The Videogame impresses with visual aesthetics that perfectly capture the essence of the beloved show. Its vibrant palette and chunky 2D animations translate beautifully into the game, creating environments that resonate with fans of Bluey and her world. These familiar sights come to life with engaging 2.5D backdrops, adeptly adding depth to the Heeler family home and other iconic locations.

An Engaging Setup with Room for Improvement

The game starts with a compelling storyline—Bluey and Bingo's quest for hidden treasure. However, while the narrative may hook players initially, the gameplay and story execution leave much to be desired. Four small-scale maps comprise the entirety of the game, meaning the adventurous spirit of the series feels constrained and underdeveloped. The game ends abruptly, lacking a fulfilling conclusion to the treasure-hunting tale, which is a disappointment for players expecting a robust Bluey experience.

A Mixed Bag of Family Fun and Frustration

Families embarking on the Bluey adventure together will find cooperative play at the game's core. Yet, gameplay can be marred with glitches and control issues that hamper the experience. Co-op styles range from platforming challenges to simple minigames like Keepy Uppy and Magic Xylophone, but these often fall short in execution. While the idea of playing together is commendable, the mechanics could use refinement to ensure smooth play sessions for all.

Value for Money in Question

Value for money is a significant concern with Bluey: The Videogame, as its hefty price tag belies the game's sparse content. With just over an hour's worth of gameplay and a small assortment of bug-ridden minigames, the cost seems disproportionate. For families budgeting for entertainment, the investment might not match the returns, especially when features expected at this price point, like more expansive maps and polished gameplay, are absent.

Bluey's Virtual Outing—A Bittersweet Experience for Families 

Bluey: The Videogame undoubtedly replicates the show's charm in its visual artistry and character portrayal, with voices from the original cast boosting authenticity. However, the joy of stepping into Bluey's world is somewhat dampened by the game's underwhelming content, glitches, and steep pricing. Despite its shortcomings, there's a glimmer of family fun that die-hard fans of the show might appreciate, but for those seeking depth and value, Bluey's gaming adventure may not be the treasure they're hoping to dig up.

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