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YouTube’s Functionality Will Change

YouTube will get a “New to You” segment, in which you’ll find new video recommendations.

YouTube is adding a “New to You” segment for Android gadgets. This know-how will help the viewers discover new content depending on which genres and creators they prefer. 

This part appears as a suggestion in the top carousel under the application’s bar on YouTube’s version for Android. So far, the feature is in the test stages in France, the US and Britain.

Besides, YouTube is adding a brand-new controller interface for Chromecast fans. Once a video is over, a new layout pops up. In it, you can use voice search if you like, for example.

“New to You” feature allows exploring new content that wouldn’t regularly end up in the “Recommended for You”.

This is YouTube's attempt to let viewers broaden their horizons and let the new creators and videos be discovered. 

Probably, it works this way: if you’re interested, the clips of edgy animation from Adult Swim, YouTube may suggest clips, which show the behind-the-scenes work that goes into creating a single episode of Rick and Morty or Samurai Jack.  

The “New to You” category also seems to be the first one to appear on the suggestions carousel whenever a new recommendation arrives to your feed. If there are no new recommendations, “New to You” solemnly takes the last place in the Explore carousel.

Additionally, redditors report that the new RC layout has arrived for the Chromecast. It now has a “3 ways to watch” concept. Firstly, you can select a new vid with your phone. Second, you can grab your TV remote and browse YouTube.

And finally, you can tap the Cast icon and enable the remote control on your smartphone. Under the last function, you will find extra features: volume tweaking, open the RC control, or search for videos with your voice.