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WhatsApp Won’t Transfer Data

Facebook admits that WhatsApp data won’t be transferred to FB.

Previously, WhatsApp’s user policy stated that the user’s personal data would be transferred to Facebook’s servers. However, the messenger had to change it recently, at least in India.

Now, WhatsApp won’t submit private info to the FB’s servers. Seemingly, it was done to avoid numerous pleas regarding the privacy issues. 

At the moment, there’s a new data protection bill that’s going through the final stages and will see the light in India soon. It appears, Facebook decided to choose a proactive strategy to avoid possible legal repercussions in the future.  

It was also confirmed that accounts of those users who didn’t accept the terms would not be blocked. 

To quote the Delhi court: 

“They have made a statement that till the personal data protection bill is not finalized, they will not transfer. There is another matter before this court in which they have made the statement. This is not so urgent now”

During the court session, it was also hinted that Facebook might revert to its old user policy and still transfer the data to Facebook services, while the current 2021 policy would be nominally defunct.

Meanwhile, Facebook’s lawyer Harish Salve had to make the following statement:

"Commitment is that I will do nothing till the Parliament's law comes in. If Parliament allows it, I will have it. If it doesn't, bad luck... I've taken it off till the Parliament makes a law. Either we fit in or we don't"  

The Protection Data Bill is meant to regulate how corporations and government bodies use sensitive private info. 

The fact that the users cannot refuse the gathering of their data caused an outcry among the Indian legal activists. This may be the sign that Facebook will face similar challenges in other countries too.