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What’s New on WhatsApp

Among the newest updates on WhatsApp, you may see disappearing messages. Now they are available in beta version on iOS. Also, the possibility to send more quality photos appeared. You can join the group calls that have already started, which was impossible earlier. Some of the features are only testing. For instance, WhatsApp can add changed voice messages in the future, and the chat migration function may be available too.

Earlier, you could join the conversation only when someone calls you, and you answer them. WhatsApp added the feature that allows coming in video chats when they have already started. You can see the active chats at the top of the Calls tab. It seems to be more convenient for users, who take part in video calls a lot.

There are about 2 billion people on WhatsApp. And most of them send thousands of text and photo messages every day. The application developers added the ability to send images in high quality if your Internet connection allows doing this. It’s a great feature if you send some documents or you want to share top-quality photos with your friends.

WhatsApp tests the “View Once” function on iOS. Some messages can be seen only once, and after that, they will disappear. It’s the beta version, so there is no proof that this feature will stay. However, it’s quite useful for users who strive to protect their privacy. Or if they don’t want to make their chat messy.

The application developers are also improving the voice messaging function. In the future, the users may see the waveform of their voice. What is more, you will be able to listen to the message before you send it. Such features as chat migration may also appear. If you change your phone, you can save all your chat histories. Also, if you get a new phone number, you won’t lose important conversations.