Users Make 40% In-App Purchases than Pre-Pandemic image

Users Make 40% In-App Purchases than Pre-Pandemic

App Annie reports that consumers spent around $1.7 billion weekly in mobile game in-app purchases during the entire H1 2021. It’s 40% more compared to the average pre-pandemic weekly spending rate across the App Store and Google Play. 

Top Markets

The highest surge in mobile game downloads and in-app purchases is observed in both emerging markets and developed economies, including India, Brazil, the US, Russia, and Indonesia in the top five. The research also shows that the Asian-Pacific region keeps holding the largest market share of 45%. 

This user spending behavior pattern reveals that consumers are ready to spend even more to get a high-quality mobile gaming experience. There were over 800 titles that grossed $1 million or more monthly during H1 2021, which is 25% more than in 2019. The computing power inequality has almost gone because cheap smartphones have become much more powerful.  

This allows many more smartphone and tablet owners to run any game they want without issues. Another and even more powerful driver is the rapid emergence of high-speed Internet access all over the globe. It allows more people to join multiplayer titles, which include the most appealing in-app purchases. 

Exciting Trends

One of the most exciting trends of the market today is that many more female players join the mobile gaming arena in Western countries. Younger female players show heavy adoption of Roblox and Among Us, both of which are phenomenally popular multiplayer titles. 

The Ever-Growing Bubble 

The market of mobile games has smoothly entered a brand new era, which is much more challenging for developers. It’s crucial to keep up with trends and research user behavior to plan future titles with potentially popular features. Have you started spending more on mobile games, by the way? Let’s chat about it in the comments, and don’t forget to share these surprising facts with friends!