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Twitter Opens Professional Accounts for Everyone

From now on, all users will be able to turn their profile into a professional one by adjusting their settings. Professional Accounts has become officially available to everyone across the globe, which means any user can access a range of additional features that are enabled following the promotion. Overall, these enable you to make more of a statement through your account. The list includes product listings, a dedicated module that deals with Revue newsletters, and a new business information display.

The Professional Accounts functionality was first rolled out at a limited scale last April. That was the beginning of the testing phase, where a selection of brands participated in the beta program to find out whether the initiative was worth further effort. When it became clear it was, more businesses were invited. In September, the option became open to every applicant willing to convert, but you would still need to wait for Twitter to approve your application. Finally, the day has come when this step can be eliminated. All you need to do is to select the right option in your settings provided that you meet a list of simple criteria.

Only users with no history of repeated Twitter User Agreement Violation who have a complete profile with their real name and photo included that doesn’t feature anything that could lead to misidentification are entitled to Professional Accounts. Given that having a pro Twitter page is likely to add a lot of personality to your brand, the price isn’t high at all. Just don’t steal anyone’s personality and go to your settings to choose the right option. Do you think you might be interested in switching to a Professional Account? You’re most welcome to share your plans and ambitions in the comments section down below.