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Twitter Might Introduce New Ad Types

A post on Twitter’s official website says three new types of ads are on the way. Referred to as Interactive Text, Collection Ads, and Product Explorer Ads, these are expected to offer business owners more opportunities to tell their story in a creative way and engage their audience. Consumers might also see some benefits if the new ads catch on eventually. The project is currently in its experimental stage, so don’t be surprised if you don’t chance to come across any of the formats. Twitter has agreed with a number of popular brands to test each version.

Interactive text is a form of advertising where the business can choose up to three words in a post to highlight. Apart from the colorful background, the text will stand out due to being bolder. You can click on it to go to the business’s landing page and explore the products you are interested in, which gives the seller a way of presenting what they offer in a creative context. Product Explorer ads are even more impressive. They let you show off your products in an interactive 3D format where users can rotate and swipe the picture.

Finally, Collection Ads enable you to illustrate your highlight with photos covering the same subject or otherwise related to it; users will see up to five thumbnails below the main post for ease of navigation, each driving to a new page.

All the three ad formats will be available on Apple and iOS devices as well as in the web version. While the experiment is not yet completed, it does sound promising to business owners and common users alike. The latter, however, might find the commercial feel a bit obnoxious. What do you think of the new ad functionality that Twitter’s going to introduce? Share in the comments whether you think it’s a change for the better or for the worse.