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TikTok & Vimeo Will Strike Together

TikTok and Vimeo will join forces to help companies to promote their brands.

TikTok, in partnership with Vimeo — a video-hosting platform — will equip small and medium companies with an arsenal of creative tools. 

These tools will be used to create advertising videos and, as a result, attract more clientele. This range of tools, among everything else, offers AI-powered solutions, which make the creative flow smoother and also allow integrating ads right into the TikTok Ad Manager.

As Vimeo’s Richard Bloom noted:

“Vimeo and TikTok are solving one of the most significant pain points for SMBs in reaching customers — how to easily and affordably create professional-quality content at scale” 

The test stages of the partnership saw a rise in figures: the click-through rate (CTR) grew by 50%, which is a promising start. The feedback from the clientele — business-owners in this case — is also positive. 

One of the participants, named Annya WhiteBrown, who also leads the NaturalAnnie Essentials company, reports that the company has already saved thousands of dollars and avoided numerous issues thanks to the Vimeo Create and TikTok integration.

A few days ago, TikTok also announced the event series dubbed “Small Biz Block Party’. This event will take place across the entire country: from Tennessee and Texas to Florida and North Carolina.

The campaign will comprise 20 online workshops. The special guests — TikTok employees, professional marketers, and videomakers — will discuss the most effective ways to gain followers, get noticed and will also share their unique tips and tricks on how to master the platform.

Small Biz Block Party workshops will take place from August to November. To learn more details and claim your RSVP, see the event’s official webpage.