Spotify Features Curated Playlist for You and Your Friend image

Spotify Features Curated Playlist for You and Your Friend

Spotify is about the personal approach as much as it is about music. The new feature it rolls out is named Blend, and it enables you to create a playlist together with a friend. For example, you plan a party or try to recollect your school days to the music of the era, or a romantic evening with your significant other, or just want to share your tastes.

The playlists you create with Blend will have a personalized cover made of your and your friend’s avatar. After creation, it will be discoverable under the “Made for You” section. You can create as many Blend playlists as you wish, according to the number of friends you want to share the music with. They will be all easy to identify due to different covers, showing the faces of the friends they are shared with.

As for the content of your Blend playlists, they will be AI-generated. Still, the AI will detect the tastes you share and how they match, showing the Match Score that indicates the compatibility level. This will be considered when the playlist is formed. But still, expect surprises in what exactly the AI offers.

The blend starts rolling out after a testing period that started in June. Now the feature is available to all Spotify users, no matter free or paid. It’s available in both Android and iOS apps, as well as on the web.

To create a Spotify Blend playlist right now, you need to run the app on your device and open the Search tab. Among other personalized sections, there is “Made for You”. Tap it and select the “Create a blend” button under “Made for two” headline. To proceed, tap the “Invite” button and decide who you want to invite. They will not get access to your Spotify library. What they will get are your name and user picture. But we guess that someone already knows you well if you are close enough to each other to share the music you love.