Snapchat’s Revamped AR Technology Features: Is It a Deal Maker or Deal Breaker? image

Snapchat’s Revamped AR Technology Features: Is It a Deal Maker or Deal Breaker?

Snapchat is still going strong in the face of the ever-growing competition from other social media giants like Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp. Hoping to lead the race for the user, Snapchat is now rolling out a revamped version of its Scan AR feature, along with Camera Shortcuts functionality.

New Scan AR Feature and Camera Shortcuts: What Do These Bring to the Table?

The reworked feature — relocated to the main camera interface and placed front and center on the app, just below the record button — can identify real-world objects around you and offer results for plants, clothes, cars, dog breeds, and nutritional information. The technology makes use of a wide range of third-party apps like PlantSnap for detecting and pinpointing plant varieties or Screenshop for identifying clothing and helping users shop for similar items.

Another innovation being introduced by Snapchat is called “Camera shortcuts.” This feature will provide some helpful recommendations based on what is in your viewfinder. The said recommendations will touch upon things like music, camera modes, and Lenses. Thus, when the user points their phone camera at the sea or forest, the app will immediately show the appropriate Lenses and suggest an adequate color filter and soundtrack. Such an all-in-one deal should make it easier and quicker for Snapchaters to apply the desired configuration of changes in a few taps. 

How Accurate Is the New Technology?

Currently, the whole thing is a bit catch as catch can, meaning it can identify plants just fine but tends to misinterpret stuff like clothes or foods sometimes. Until Snapchat has managed to increase the accuracy of its Scan AR feature — preferably, somewhere closer to 100% — the technology is unlikely to be adopted by too many users.

Are you excited to try out the new Scan AR feature? Do you think people will use it or it will be yet another useless gimmick? Tell us in the comments below.