Overwatch 2 Player Improves Genji's One-Punch Man Costume image
  • Daniel Ellis
  • 13 Mar 2023

Overwatch 2 Player Improves Genji's One-Punch Man Costume

Over the past few years, there has been a surge of collaborations between video games and other entertainment pieces. These collaborations often result in themed skins and costumes that let players combine their favorite franchises. Recently, Overwatch 2 released a costume for Genji based on the popular anime character One-Punch Man. While the costume was well done, it could use some minor tweaks to make it more anime accurate.

The collaboration between Overwatch and One Punch Man was well done but could use some improvements to make it even more accurate to its source material. The player managed to do this by making one small change; they changed the color scheme from blue tones to green tones, like how it appears in the anime show version of One-Punch Man. As a result, the skin now looks much closer to how it does in its original form while still fitting into the game’s aesthetic design format quite nicely at the same time.

Fans have praised this fan tweak for being able to make Genji’s costume look even better than before while not taking away any elements from his character design or personality traits too much either, as he remains recognizable despite this slight alteration in colors for his outfit choice here within Overwatch 2 itself. Not only does this improve his look, but it also adds another level of depth within what players can customize their characters too, thus providing them with extra options when playing around in online matches or just simply customizing their characters aesthetics-wise overall as well!

Furthermore, this fan tweak has opened up doors for other potential tweaks or changes which could be done within similar crossovers between different titles, whether they are related directly or not directly connected at all, allowing fans who enjoy both types of content together along with those who prefer just one type over another something new and exciting all at once! Plus, there is always room for improvement when it comes down to replicating specific designs accurately due to differences across various forms and mediums. Hence, having these possibilities ready is excellent news, no matter what side you are on!


Overall, it is clear that adding these minor changes helped make Genjis'One Punchman Costume much more authentic than before without drastically altering either the character's designs or personalities themselves, respectively. This is just one example of many great collaborations between video games & other forms of media over recent years, proving how far developers are willing to give fans exactly what they want, no matter what universe their favorite heroes come from!

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