Overwatch 2 Patch Makes Major Changes for Roadhog, Sojourn, Orissa, and Kiriko image

Overwatch 2 Patch Makes Major Changes for Roadhog, Sojourn, Orissa, and Kiriko

After a long wait for Overwatch players, Blizzard has finally released the long-awaited patch for Overwatch 2. This patch makes some significant changes to the damage to the game's four key characters: Roadhog, Sojourn, Orissa, and Kiriko. The changes are meant to address the balance issues that have existed since the launch of Overwatch 2 and hopefully make the game more enjoyable for all players. 

As expected, Rhodehog received the most reductions of any character in this patch. His Chain Hook ability now only deals 5 hit points, not 30 as before. In addition, his range has been increased by one meter, making it a little more difficult to hit enemies effectively. The damage dealt by the Crowbar Pistol has also been reduced from 8 to 6, but the reload time and maximum ammo supply have been slightly increased so as not to render it completely useless in close combat. 

Sojourn is another hero who desperately needed an adjustment to her damage, and she got it in the new patch. The duration of her photon barrier has been greatly increased so that it can no longer be spammed continuously throughout a match, which should make it easier for enemies to fight her during team fights or when she is trying to capture points alone without her shield permanently raised. The accuracy of her pulse rifle has also been reduced, which should make her use better tactics when facing enemy heroes head-on rather than just spraying bullets in the hope that they will eventually hit something.

Two other popular heroes that should definitely have been lowered were Orissa and Kiriko, who had too high a health regeneration ability, allowing them to stay alive too long during battles where they should have already died due to their lack of mobility and defensive abilities compared to other tanking heroes like Reinhardt or Sigma. The health regeneration rate of the shield generator has now been reduced by 25%, which means that they won't be able to regenerate health as quickly after taking damage, and the projectile speed of their Fusion Driver has been significantly slowed, making them less accurate when hitting targets that are a long distance from them.  

All of these improvements may seem drastic, but most people agree that they were necessary to make Overwatch more balanced again. Especially considering that some characters were too strong and made matches unfair for other players because there was nothing anyone could do about them, even if they had developed the perfect strategy against them beforehand. Hopefully, these changes will bring balance back to online play soon enough. Otherwise, we may see new patches soon afterward aimed at eliminating any remaining imbalances still present in the existing game mechanics until things are once again fair for all participants.