Jumping into new horizons: Meta Remaps Controls in the Horizon Worlds VR Platform image

Jumping into new horizons: Meta Remaps Controls in the Horizon Worlds VR Platform

Horizon Worlds is a social virtual reality platform developed by Meta, and they recently updated the app with a new v94 update. Gamers have been using the A button to jump into video games for decades, so it may come as a surprise that Meta's Horizon Worlds social VR platform hasn't - until now. In the v94 update, the app finally reassigned the jump to the A button, which has greatly improved the user experience and comfort.

Before this update, the right thumb stick was used as the jump, which wasn't ideal for many users because of the occasional twists and turns that could occur when pressing it. Now that the jump is assigned to the A button, gamers will find it easier to control their character's movements in Horizon Worlds. This is especially good news since the A button was widely used for jumping into video games on various platforms decades ago.

With the new update from Meta, all players and worlds can enjoy this improved control scheme simply by downloading the latest version of the app or simply updating an existing one if they haven't already done so; when I booted into Horizon Worlds after the update, I was notified of this change immediately after logging into the game - which I learned about by accident by pressing the A button without thinking about it - and my character jumped! Those who want to revert to the previous configuration settings can easily do so from the settings menu at any time.

All of these improvements made with Meta's recent v94 update certainly make playing horizon worlds much smoother. Not only do they improve the controls, but they also offer improved visuals along with other features that were previously unavailable or lacking in one form or another! With these updates, we can certainly look forward to an even more immersive gaming experience in the Horizon World universe!