IO Interactive Shelves Hitman Series In Favor of 007 and Fantasy RPG image
  • Rosa Edwards
  • 04 Jan 2024

IO Interactive Shelves Hitman Series In Favor of 007 and Fantasy RPG

With the successful wrap-up of the World of Assassination trilogy in Hitman 3, IO Interactive is now giving the notable Agent 47 a break from action. In a conversation detailed by Edge magazine, CEO Hakan Abrak and creative head Christian Elverdam shared their plans to shelve the character for an undetermined period. The studio has its sights set on different creative projects despite its recognition and association with the Hitman series over the past twenty years.

Expressing admiration for the enduring Hitman legacy, Elverdam conveyed that while the Hitman narrative is far from finished, the current focus is on delving into fresh worlds and gaming experiences. This shift signifies a new direction for IO Interactive, which has forged its reputation through the open-world stealth tactics of the Hitman saga, especially with Hitman 3's widely applauded expansive environments and complex gameplay challenges.

IO Interactive has been vocal about its intent to diversify its game portfolio. Their upcoming endeavors include Project 007, which promises to offer a fresh take on the origin story of the iconic spy James Bond, and Project Fantasy, a foray into the realm of online role-playing games, representing a new genre for the studio.

Abrak highlighted the company's trajectory, noting that the triumph of the World of Assassination trilogy has laid the groundwork for IO Interactive to expand its capabilities and take creative leaps. The new projects, Project 007 and Project Fantasy are particularly aimed at constructing immersive worlds and captivating stories to engage a broad player base.

While the developers have not closed the door on the Hitman series, indicating its potential return due to its immense popularity, they emphasize the current need to prioritize the chance to craft novel gaming universes. As IO Interactive embarks on these ventures, both gamers and critics alike eagerly await to see what inventive experiences the studio will bring forth next.

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