Instagram Will Let You Add Songs to Your Profile image

Instagram Will Let You Add Songs to Your Profile

Do you remember the time when Instagram was purely visual? Later it has implemented a lot of text-based features, started supporting videos, and now it’s time for audio. Not in the Clubhouse way, though. According to the popular data miner Alessandro Paluzzi, Instagram will soon enable its users to add songs to their profiles.

The pictures Paluzzi posted on his Twitter show that Instagram is testing a new field in user profiles. This field will be called simply “Music”, and it will enable the user to add a song to the profile. Optionally, one can add a caption of up to 40 characters, though this is not necessary. The feature is so far being tested internally, so it’s not clear when (or if) it will become available to the public.

So far, as the feature is being tested, the music is not always being played, even though Paluzzi managed to add a song to his profile. It would have been funny if he had an opportunity to enter a custom song name, but this is out of question so far. So he just posted a screenshot with the name of the song, and this is… Of course, Alessandro couldn’t help rickrolling his readers, choosing “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley.

The reaction of Paluzzi’s readers is impressive. Many of them joke that Instagram is going MySpace. Others just wonder why one would add a song to the profile unless that’s a professional musician or producer. What Signor Paluzzi didn’t mention is the source of the song. Does one have to choose it from Instagram’s library, from external streaming services, or upload themselves? This is yet to be revealed.

Would you like to add a song to your profile? Which one would it be? If you make music yourself, what potential for your promotion do you see there? Tell us what you think about it in the comments. And tell us which songs you consider worth this!