Instagram’s New Wild Feature image

Instagram’s New Wild Feature

Instagram may introduce a feature, which lets switching between accounts quickly.

Instagram's fans may get a new, radical feature soon. We are talking about smooth and quick switching between different accounts. This will be available via a simple iOS widget located on the gadget’s home screen.

The intel came from Alessandro Paluzzi — a mobile developer who often publishes leaks via his Twitter account. According to him, an iOS widget is in the workshop at the moment. It’ll allow you to access 4 Instagram accounts with just a few taps.

However, the IT insider (or “mole” if you please) did not demonstrate how the widget does its magic exactly. Nevertheless, its concept seems much more convenient than the regular switching between accounts, which requires logins/passwords again and again.

The feature is quite likely to see the light of the day. As we can judge by Peluzzi’s tweets, the Instagram’s team are experimenting with the visual design:

“The widget for #iOS that #Instagram is working on different styles, let's see them all ?.”

However, if you find yourself to be a fan of the upcoming feature, keep your fingers crossed. Instagram is known for testing promising features only to discard them later.

Among other “predictions” made by Peluzzi, we can find the intel about audio rooms, Instagram’s exclusive stories with which creators can make a bit more money, and also an option to trim videos.

But one of the most intriguing “prophecies” from Peluzzi is that Instagram may let you access the old archives.

Apparently, the platform is working on a tool, which lets people search for messages that were written and sent a long time ago.  And this includes lost messages too.

As for the rest, Instagram hasn’t said a word about the potential feature. But we hope it will make it to our gadgets soon. And now just iOS gadgets.