Instagram Makes Re-Sharing Reels Easier Than Ever image
  • Rosa Edwards
  • 14 Mar 2023

Instagram Makes Re-Sharing Reels Easier Than Ever

Instagram is testing a new feature that will make it easier than ever to share reels with friends. The “Latest Shares” line at the top of your Direct Messages (DM) will show you recently shared reels, allowing you to quickly and easily re-share them. This feature was spotted by a Turkey-based account called Digital Allah I, which shared a screenshot of the new interface.

This feature makes it much quicker and simpler for users to share their favorite reels with others. Instead of scrolling through their entire list of DMs or having to search for the post manually, they can now just view the “Latest Shares” line at the head of their DM window and quickly access any recent posts they have shared with friends in one place.

The screenshot posted by Digital Allah I also shows that when you share a reel via this method, your avatar will appear underneath it as confirmation that you are indeed transferring from your account. This way, other users know exactly who has sent them this content and can be sure it comes from an authentic source. It also helps keep track of which accounts people have been sending posts back and forth between without needing to scroll through all previous messages manually.

Another valuable aspect of this feature is that once someone shares a reel via this method, their avatar only appears once, making it even easier for users to manage multiple conversations at once without being overwhelmed by too many avatars appearing next to each post sent out from different accounts throughout various conversations on other topics or interests altogether!

Conclusion It seems like Instagram is continuing its pursuit of providing an even better user experience for its millions of daily active users worldwide – making sure people can stay connected while also staying safe online! With this latest update, we may soon see more people taking advantage of the ability to quickly and easily share videos with others on Instagram – creating an even more engaging platform overall!

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