Google Implements Better Protections for Minors image

Google Implements Better Protections for Minors

Over a month after the release of new Instagram safety features for minors, Google is implementing the same sets of protection features in its apps. The update will, of course, touch Google Search, both adult and kid versions of YouTube, Assistant, and many other apps that can potentially expose minors to dangerous content or malicious users. On August 10, Google revealed a set of product and policy improvements to boost the privacy of young users and limit advertisers. 

Better Forever

Unlike Instagram, Google launches the minors’ privacy improvement program in multiple apps at once. A part of the enhancements was “inspired” by Congress that accused Google of impacting minors negatively. However, Google claims that most changes weren’t required by the government. While the law requires improving the safety of Search and YouTube, the company has gone far beyond that. The company wants to establish strong security and privacy standards in its products worldwide without sticking only to local regulations. It’s an attempt to prepare for the forthcoming industry challenges rather than to fight the current ones. 

Amongst some of the most notable changes, we will probably see the massive removal of “overly commercial” videos from YouTube. This goes to all those super-popular unpackings. They are considered as promotion of overconsumption and excessive accumulation of products, which is definitely bad for young minds. We will also see location tracking blocking for non-adults, a new Family Policy for Google Play, and advertising limitations across all platforms. 

Huge Challenge

Given that Google has the largest ecosystem of online products popular amongst minors, the global improvement of all the apps and websites is going to be very complicated. What would you recommend Google to improve for minors’ safety? Reply in the comments and share the news on social networks.