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Google Ends Support for Old Android Devices

Time to say goodbye to the Android OS launched before 2011. Let’s take a look at the new Google update. You might find this information useful if you still use an old Android device.

Which Versions Are No Longer Valid?

Recent changes from Google relate to ending support sign-in for early Android versions. 

You will not be able to sign in to your Google apps like Gmail, YouTube, and Drive Account on devices that are running Android 2.3.7 and lower. The company has sent an email to the users, revealing the date of September 27 as a coming update. However, if you want to continue using Google apps, the notification also suggests updating to a newer Android version 3.0 or higher.

The picture of this email was published by 9to5Google for those who are likely to be affected by this change. A very small number of users are still using the mentioned older versions of Android OS. That’s one of the reasons why Google decided to implement this change.

If you can’t refresh your device system, you may still use a browser to log into your usual apps like Gmail or Youtube, and so on. Such updates can often upset those who do not have the opportunity to update their device or OS. In the recent email, the company explains that such actions are aimed at improving the security system because older versions are more vulnerable to hacker attacks. So use this email as a positive warning to protect your data and storage. 

How Update Affects Older Versions

So, which actions can lead to a sign-in error after September 27? According to Google's statement, users who are running devices with outdated Android versions will get an error if they try to simply sign in to Google apps. The same story is with creating a new account or deleting and re-adding the existing one. If you decide to change a password for any of your services, it will also create an error.

However, if your older device could be updated, you might want to do that before the deadline. What do you think about this update? How can it affect old OS users? Leave your comments below and share the article if you found it useful.