Facebook-Owned Apps Got More Downloads than TikTok image

Facebook-Owned Apps Got More Downloads than TikTok

Earlier, Facebook-owned applications were on top of the most downloaded programs of the year. But in 2020, TikTok became the winner in this race. People started to install this application during the COVID-19 to spend their time when they stayed at home. Though a strict lockdown doesn’t take place in most countries, multiple users continue uploading TikTok. It had about 850 billion downloads in 2020. 

Compared to WhatsApp, Tiktok had 250 million more uploads. Overall, Facebook-owned applications together got more downloads than this social streaming platform. Facebook was downloaded by 540 million users, while Instagram got about 503 million. Messenger used to be more popular earlier, but it is still quite widespread, with 404 million uploads in 2020. 

In different countries, people use either TikTok or Facebook-owned applications. For example, in those regions where the app’s usage is at the highest rate, there are 66 million TikTok users and 390 million WhatsApp ones. Facebook was downloaded there 320 million times. So, TikTok is more popular in particular regions. About 22 percent of the population in the Netherlands, 19 percent in the US, and 18 percent in Norway use TikTok nowadays. 

Nearly three-quarters of Philippines inhabitants surf Facebook. In large countries, like the US and UK, more than 50 percent of the population use Facebook, and in Spain, every seven of ten active users download WhatsApp. 

As TikTok is the most installed app nowadays, it reaches a high rating. In 2020, the revenues of this platform reached $540 million. They are probably the highest among the social applications. Tinder occupied second place with $513 million, and Youtube was next with $413 million. In 2021, the situation seems to be the same, but it still might change by the end of the year. Which applications do you use more frequently? Please, leave your comments in the section below.