Enhanced Widgets and a Promise of Apple Classical: Apple Music Gets an Update image

Enhanced Widgets and a Promise of Apple Classical: Apple Music Gets an Update

As surprising as it sounds, many adamant Android users these days are choosing Apple Music as their go-to audio streaming service. And there is a good explanation for this: the platform has gone out of its way to introduce a host of Android-unique features that can make any iOS owner green with envy. Take, for instance, these cool widgets. Isn’t it fantastic how responsive and handy their playback controls are?

Moreover, with Apple, it just keeps getting better. Thus, the service is determined to make its “Apple Music Player” and “Apple Music Recently Played” widgets even more robust and colorful. In its latest 3.9.0 update, Apple Music drops the thick padding around the border so that both tools can take up more screen/widget space. The “Now Playing” widget has become wider and taller, while “Recently Played” has received some new grid size configurations. The grid that shows previously played tracks is now available in sizes 3*2 and 3*1, with its top half also getting larger.

Another improvement concerns the purely visual side of things: the backgrounds of both home screen widgets can now automatically customize their color to match the associated art of the song that is actively playing. When nothing is on, it goes back to its default pink hue.

Finally, the update also provides us with a clue on what the name of Apple's standalone Primephonic-based classical genre app is going to be. It is possible that Android users are soon to welcome Apple Classical, which will allow them to launch a compatible song directly within the streamlined service.

Apple Music v3.9 is now available for download on the Play Store platform, complete with optimized widgets. Have you tested it yet? What are your impressions? Leave a comment in the section below, and feel free to share this post with others!