Dead by Daylight Reverts New Healing System After Receiving Negative Feedback image
  • Eric Barnett
  • 11 Apr 2023

Dead by Daylight Reverts New Healing System After Receiving Negative Feedback

Dead by Daylight, the multiplayer survival horror game, recently experimented with a new healing system by slowing health regeneration from 16 to 24 seconds. This new system, however, was not well-received by the game's community, and Developer Behaviour Interactive thus reverted to the original system. The reasoning behind the change was to give Survivors a greater advantage over the Killer and to reduce the power of Med-Kits when used for self-healing.

Behaviour Interactive initially thought that the existing healing system gave Survivors too much of an advantage in difficult situations and outlined this reasoning in a blog post last month. By making the healing process take longer, it would be harder for Survivors to escape their pursuers. The Med-Kits were also a concern as they allowed Survivors to heal themselves multiple times without any penalties. 

Unfortunately, the Dead By Daylight community disagreed with this change, and player feedback was overwhelmingly negative. As a result, Behaviour Interactive quickly returned to the original system. However, they did not completely revert the healing system back to its original state but made other changes in response to various feedback. These changes include limiting the number of first aid kit charges to 24 and giving bonuses to the speed of healing the first aid kit when other Survivors are recovered.

In addition, they also slowed down self-healing by 33% and made various changes to the Hillbilly character, perks, and the Autohaven Wreckers map. These changes were largely intended to reduce the power of Med-Kits when used for self-healing and make healing teammates, in return, more powerful.

All in all, Dead by Daylight's abrupt change to the healing system was a failed experiment, and the game's developers quickly reverted to the original system after receiving negative feedback from players. While some changes were made to the Med-Kit, the overall healing system remains largely the same. Players can now look forward to the upcoming Dead by Daylight movie, which was announced early in March.

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