Clubhouse Opens Access for Android and IOS image

Clubhouse Opens Access for Android and IOS

In May 2021, the Clubhouse beta testing on Android started. Earlier, it was available only on iOS gadgets, and you needed to get the invitation to start chatting here. But now, the Clubhouse quits beta. So, you will be able to try this app both on Android and iOS enjoying the new features with no limitations.

The developers have added direct messaging and started a collaboration with TED. Also, their logo and website have changed. And they won’t stop on this – new updates will appear every 1 or 2 weeks now. Since the full version was released, the number of rooms has increased to tp half a million per day. It’s ten times more than it used to be before.

Clubhouse appeared on the market in April 2020 as a beta version for iOS. It was gaining popularity gradually. Then, celebrities started to join this application, and it became more widespread. At some time, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk, tried Clubhouse too. The number of users began to rise quickly. Such platforms as Telegram, Instagram, Twitter were creating similar social audio features.

Everyone who wants to try Clubhouse can join it and create their own rooms. More than 10 million users have already chosen to test this application. They have sent about 90 million direct messages since this feature appeared. People can share the room link with anyone they want. The absolutely different audiences get connected in Clubhouse and enjoy discussing the interesting theme for them.

The Clubhouse is providing diverse new features in recent times. For example, they added TED talks to the application. The first appearance was by the author and TED speaker A.J.Jacobs. The platform is improving really quickly, so we should follow and see what next is waiting for us in this audio app.