Asus ROG Will Make a New Performance VR Headset for Meta image
  • Eric Barnett
  • 27 Apr 2024

Asus ROG Will Make a New Performance VR Headset for Meta

Meta, the tech giant previously known as Facebook, is forging new partnerships to expand its virtual reality (VR) gaming landscape. The company has revealed plans to collaborate with Asus ROG and Lenovo to create a variety of VR headsets, aligning with the revamped Meta Horizon OS, their fresh take on the VR ecosystem previously tied to the Oculus brand.

This newly envisioned platform is designed to be more inclusive for developers and users alike, promoting an open environment where software and hardware developers can freely create within Meta's VR scope. The platform promises enhanced continuity, allowing users to maintain their digital identities, avatars, and social connections across different virtual environments.

In this venture, Asus ROG is set to bring its expertise in performance gaming gear to the table by developing a high-end VR gaming headset. On the other hand, Lenovo will concentrate on advancing mixed-reality technology, focusing on non-gaming applications. Additionally, an exciting collaboration with Xbox will introduce a limited edition Xbox-themed Meta Quest headset.

While the long-term success of these initiatives remains to be seen, Asus ROG is already experiencing a positive trajectory following its recent entrance into a new niche of gaming hardware with the Asus ROG Ally.

With these strategic partnerships, Meta aims to not only diversify but also strengthen its position in the growing VR market, offering a more robust and versatile VR experience to its users.

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