3 Facebook Updates for Messenger and Instagram DMs image

3 Facebook Updates for Messenger and Instagram DMs

Last week Facebook introduced several fun updates for Messenger and Instagram DMs. Some new features like Soundmojis, recent reactions, emoji search, and space jam chat theme appeared. All of them can be used with Instagram DMs as well as Messenger and are created for more entertaining informal messaging.

On Messenger, people send more than 2,4B messages with emojis every day. So no surprise that Facebook decided to add an emoji search feature to its latest update. The emoji search bar can be found in the upper part of the reaction picker panel. This way, users can easily find some specific emoji they are looking for. For example, if you type in "flower," you'll get all the flower emojis present there. It’s definitely better than endlessly swiping through all of them.

Another cool and handy update is a "recent reactions" section that was added to the reaction picker. It's made for the emojis that you frequently use, but they're still not on the top list of the most used ones.

Moreover, a new themed background option is now available too. Facebook added one celebrating the recent premiere of Space Jam: A New Legacy. When activated, it changes the background of your Instagram DMs or Messenger to the silhouette of Bugs Bunny. It's designed in pastel colors. To change your background into this one or any other available, you should select one in the "Theme" field.

Facebook launched a new feature called Soundmojis, and that's exactly what you'd think it is. They are emojis with some sound. You can add a Soundmoji simply by clicking on an emoji you want to send and selecting the loudspeaker icon afterward. The sound can be just the spoken version of the particular emoji, as well as a quote from popular TV shows Bridgerton or Brooklyn 99