Your Phone Can Save Your Life: How? image

Your Phone Can Save Your Life: How?

You can turn your phone into a guarding angel. We’ll give tips on how to do it.

Mr. Phone to the Rescue

Yes, phones can actually save lives. For example, a videographer working in Haiti received heavy injuries during an earthquake, and a first-aid app gave him tips on how to survive.

Another example shows us a 3-year-old girl saving her dad who got a stroke – she called her mom via FaceTime and reported the scary situation.

And here are the top tips and apps that will help you stay alive and save others no matter what.

Share GPS

Red Panic Button

If you feel unsafe, if there’s someone stalking you IRL, or you’re afraid to get lost and stranded – shared GPS is an answer.

An app like Red Panic Button promptly sends your current location and an alert message to your trusted contacts via SMS. Similar apps are BE-Trak, Google Maps, Revo Track, Silent Beacon, Glympse, etc.

You can also keep a closer eye on where your family members are at the moment with a family locator like Life 360. It serves ideally for checking in on kids, relatives with disabilities, the elderly, and so on.   

First Aid

First Aid app screenshot

Breaking a limb, receiving a wound, choking on food – it can happen to anyone. But do you know what to do in a critical situation like this?

American Red Cross released a free First Aid app. It will quickly teach you how to treat scorch, sunstroke, choking, and so on. Besides, it can direct you to the nearest hospital. Or you can call an ambulance via the application. 

It’s also great to have an app like Medical ID. Here you store the data that paramedics might need to save your life: blood type, allergies, weight, and other info.


Noonlight app screenshot

Sometimes you may not be sure if a situation is dangerous. Or you can’t directly call the cops as doing so can put your life in danger during a hostage situation, kidnapping attempt, etc.

An app called Noonlight has a button Press Until Safe. If you feel threatened, open the app and hold the button until this feel is gone, and enter the PIN. If not, the app will notify the police, providing your emergency.

bSafe is a similar app, which is activated via a code-phrase. If you say a random word like astrolabe aloud, there’s a chance a perpetrator won’t understand what you mean. But the app will instantly call for help.

You can also tell Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant to call the police. Enable your voice assistant to respond to the “Hey, Siri/Google/Alexa” phrase for that.

If talking isn’t an option at all – use one of the instant messengers to alert your close ones that you need help. In some cities, it’s possible to call 911 via an SMS



To stay alert about natural disasters, you can consult AccuWeather. The app swiftly delivers updates on whimsical and potentially dangerous weather. It includes storms, hurricanes, tornados, thick fog, etc.

FEMA app provides info on disaster, safety, and recovery tips, shelters, and Recovery Centers. 

If you’re stranded in the wilderness, you need to avoid poisonous plants. Wiki offline page, Google Lens, LeafSnap, Plantifier, PictureThis could be of help.

Life-Saving Phone

Use our tips, load your phone with these helpful apps and stay safe!