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PMPL CIS Gets Cancelled

The spring season of the CIS-wide PUBG Mobile Pro League championship isn’t likely going to happen. PUBG Mobile Esports has canceled the event due to the current global situation, referring to Russia’s ongoing military invasion of Ukraine. The CIS part of the PUBG Pro League was initially to become the first PMPL competition to take place this year. It was initially scheduled to start on the 14th of February, a Monday. Just 10 days after the date, Russia launched its attack on neighboring Ukraine, causing the organizers to postpone PMPL CIS for an indefinite term.

The CIS league included several players from both Russia in Ukraine. Now that it has been over a month since the first day of the war, the PUBG Mobile Esports team has made the decision to cancel the event. They posted a statement announcing that PMPL CIS isn’t going to take place with just a vague reference to the real cause. The Russian invasion of Ukraine is described cautiously as “the global situation,” clarifying that it makes it difficult to maintain stable production quality “worthy of their players and fans.”

Since the best-ranking CIS teams were meant to take part in the PMPL European Championship, the decision has been made to redistribute their slots. These will go to Western Europe as well as Turkey. The non-professional branch of the event, PUBG Mobile Club Open, has also been canceled for the CIS region. Registration opened for amateur-level players in early April, leaving out those residing in member countries of the Commonwealth. Did the cancellation of either championship affect your plans? Do you feel like the decision was reasonable and fair? You are most welcome to share your opinion in the comments section so we can have a meaningful discussion of what’s been going on.