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Netflix Testing Out a New Feature

Netflix has been expanding its features over the last few years. The streaming platform has successfully launched several hubs and now wants to present the users with some useful updates.

The feature will allow people to share their accounts outside of the household the original subscription is tied to. Right now, the testing is led in Costa Rice, Peru, and Chile. You can add up to two new members to your standard and premium plans. The company wants to test the new update beforehand before making it available worldwide.

Moreover, if you want to create a new account, now you will have an option to save all of the current information you have on the profile, such as recommendations and viewing history. It will make the transfer much easier, as you won’t have to create your main page anew.

In the current version of the app, people can share a Netflix account if they live together. Unfortunately, some people have found holes in the instructions, so profiles can get rigged, which can be really unpleasant for the original owners of the subscription plan.

As you might’ve known, if you live in the UK and Ireland, the prices for subscriptions will raise in these countries. The reason for that is that Netflix wants to channel the income into developing original content. The standard plan in the UK will now cost GBP 10.00, and the basic plan will reach GBP 6.99. For the premium accounts, the price will be GBP 15.00. As for Ireland, the basic and premium tiers will cost EUR 14.99 and EUR 20.99 respectively.

Although the prices will severely jump in numbers, hopefully, it means that Netflix has big plans for releasing new content in the nearest future. There are a lot of shows that are greatly expected by the audiences.

Do you share your Netflix account with anyone? What type of content do you prefer? Please, share your opinion in the comments below.