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How to Change Controls in Fortnite Mobile

The mobile version of Fortnite has made a lot of noise. The difference of this game from its competitors lies in the fact that players can access their account from different devices. You can play it wherever you are without losing your data. If you're new to the mobile version of Fortnite, you'd better learn how to change settings and controls. Here, we will tell you how to make Fortnite for mobile as convenient as possible.

Get the Best Fortnite Mobile Settings

Check touch velocity, aiming, oscilloscope, and vertical velocity multiplier before starting the setup. Click on the icon in the upper corner and open the settings. There you can change the velocity. Apply and save the settings. You can try different settings of velocity.

After adjusting the sensitivity, go to the picture in the upper right corner. Click on the HUD Layout Tool. Then adjust the size and position of each button on the screen. These settings also include a mini-map in the upper left corner. Drag the top menu down and open the More Buttons tab. From it, you can drag the buttons you need. Don't forget to save your settings in your Fortnite mobile Android.

With a light touch, you can change the weapon to an item from the backpack at the bottom of the screen, or expand the full view, pressing the button on the left. There is also an icon for switching to build mode next to it. By clicking on it, you will see the various elements that need to be built. You can change the material from which the shape will be made, and the button in the upper right corner will allow you to rotate it. There is also an icon that will enable you to edit drawings, add doors, windows, and other elements. Clicking on the right side will start the construction. Take the time to learn how to use buttons as quickly as possible.

What’s More? 

As you know how to change controls on Fortnite mobile, let’s talk about other factors that will make your experience more pleasurable. In battle royale, it is vital to hear your opponent before you see him. When playing with friends, there is a temptation to use an external speaker. There is an indicator notifying which side to wait for the danger. It is useful, but hardly replaces the sound perception of what is happening around. 

The points on the map are also important. If you are playing in a team, always notify your teammates about an approaching enemy or their location. You can also mark where you should move from the zone or in search of loot. Use auto-run to cover distances faster. Do not forget to aim. In Fortnite, you really need to do this, unlike many other similar games. As you build something, use more durable materials on the outside and wood on the inside to preserve solid articles. Build the walls to protect yourself and, for shooting, you can place a ramp.

Make the Game as Comfortable as Possible


Hearing where the shots are coming from is the initial aspect you need to consider to react in time. Using a stereo headset, you'll know where the shot was fired from within a thousand seconds. Besides, the display will also help you if you are not quite sure which direction the noise has come from.

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