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Five Best Android Apps for Parental Control

Parental Control is an application or program that restricts certain functions of gadgets: smartphones and laptops. You can use parental control applications to protect your child from harmful sites and control the time spent on the Internet and playing games. Here we have five apps for parental control on Android that can help you. 

Select the Best Parental Controls App 

Given the demand for parental control functions and the fact that Android's own tools are not yet sufficient to fully implement them, it is not surprising that there are many parental control applications on the Play Store. Let's examine five apps for parental control with various functions. 


The application works in conjunction with the Apple Mobile Device Management profile. It can lock the device during lessons at school or at night while sleeping. The developers have added an exciting feature - parents can regulate time the child spends in games. However, the adults will not be able to get detailed reports on the use of the device and see the statistics on web surfing.

Mobile Fence Parental Control

In addition to standard functions, it contains several peculiar features. One of them is creating a list of allowed contacts who can call and write to the gadget owner. Also, the application can recognize the context, isolate unwanted phrases in correspondence. Parents can expand their vocabulary by adding certain words, like "drugs", "fight", etc. Upon detecting these words, the device will send a signal.

Kids Zone

Due to this app, every kid receives an individual user profile. Children can only interact with the device inside their "shell." Parents install acceptable and unacceptable applications, allow or block certain features. A child will not be able to download and install something without the knowledge of adults.

ESET Parental Control

Here, a set of useful functions is offered: control of applications and time spent at the screen. The paid version adds web protection and location detection. It can also collect data about the activities of children and send information to their parents.


The application monitors and blocks unwanted Internet traffic, regardless of the browser from which you are logged in. The system allows you to monitor multiple accounts of children. In the admin board, the information about visited pages, phone contacts, and SMS is available. If desired, parents can add a call from a specific number to the blacklist or prohibit correspondence.

How to Install Parental Control on Android


As for the Android system, the restrictions are genuine; they can automatically exit the application, preventing the download of unwanted files. Within the system itself, filters are configured only at the Google Play store level. To do this, you need to enable the "Parental Control" function in the settings.

The platform allows you to customize content filters depending on the age of your child. Setting a number from 0 to 18 will enable you to specify what content should be available from the device. The problem is that a child, having learned to use other browsers, can easily bypass the ban. 

Safety First

It would be best if parents talked to their child. You do not prohibit the use of the Internet. You simply restrict access to questionable information. After installing the parental control application, be sure to read the instructions! Devote some spare time of yours to examine the settings to find the best option and fully understand the program's functionality.

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