Can Lies of P Break the Mold of the Souls-like Genre? image
  • Rosa Edwards
  • 10 Jul 2023

Can Lies of P Break the Mold of the Souls-like Genre?

The highly anticipated game Lies of P recently surprised gamers with its appearance at the Summer Game Fest. Round8 Studio, the South Korean developers behind the game, has postponed the release of their title for further refinement. However, they also announced a free playable demo for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. This gives gamers a glimpse of the studio’s ambition and potential. The game draws inspiration from the popular “souls-like” genre established by From Software, but can it truly challenge the reigning champions of this genre? Let's delve into this discussion.

Pinocchio: Survivor in a Dark World

In Lies of P, players take on the role of Pinocchio, who is cast in a dark and dangerous world. The game has been likened to a “Bloodborne crossed with Pinocchio“, a comparison that's hard to ignore. Players must navigate through the city of Krat, now overrun with hostile puppets, to find Pinocchio's creator, Geppetto. While the combat mechanics resemble the Souls titles, it falls short in areas like the collision system, raising questions about the game's polish. However, the unique narrative and challenging gameplay promise a refreshing take on the genre.

Aesthetics: A Nod to From Software

Artistically, Lies of P shares a striking resemblance to Bloodborne, particularly in the gothic architecture of Krat Town. The level design, while lacking in distinctiveness, showcases a certain verticality that encourages exploration. However, the dark art direction is more than an aesthetic choice; it serves to tell Round8 Studio’s mature interpretation of the Pinocchio tale, a well-known children's story chosen for its universal familiarity.

The Power of Lies

One notable feature of Lies of P is the inclusion of Pinocchio’s infamous lying trait. In the game, lying could potentially lead to various story branches, adding an engaging narrative complexity. However, this potential was not fully explored in the demo version, raising questions about the depth of the game's narrative and its ability to truly set itself apart from other soul-like games.

Overall, Lies of P shows promise with its unique concept and challenging gameplay. While it does borrow heavily from the soul-like genre, the game seems to have enough distinctive features to make its mark. However, whether it can truly challenge the likes of From Software’s titles remains to be seen. As we eagerly await the full release of Lies of P, we invite readers to share their thoughts on the game and its potential in the comments section below.

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