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Best Mobile Games for iOS and Android

If your group of friends can't agree on which device is the best for mobile gaming, don't worry about choosing between these two devices. It is because you can’t play these games on both iOS and Android. Catch a selection of addicting cross platform mobile games.

Try the Most Fascinating Cross Platform Android iOS Games

In the list, you will find games of different themes that you can enjoy with your friends. At the same time, you can interact with various mobile devices.

Words with Friends 2

Words With Friends 2 is a word game where we compete with friends to form words. The rules are very similar to our Scrabble game. In turn, you compose words from letters, including letters from those already written in them. The game has different modes in which you can compete with strangers and friends, gaining more points.

Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles

The background is as follows. In the 41st century in deep space, there is a fierce war between four races: the ruthless Skorns, unknown gods endowed with dark power; the Riven necro-cyborg, allied with the skorns, who summoned them to life; people from the defense forces of the united colonies; supporters of people in the face of robots mods. There were rumors that the presence of alien aliens from a completely different race was discovered in a neighboring colony. 

Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles replaces the equally famous Pocket Legends - both titles managed to gather a vast audience around them due to cross-platform support for iOS and Android.


Minecraft is a popular game that has a lot of fans. Formerly related to the Pocket Edition, the version for the top-selling game's mobile devices is very similar to the PC version. The only significant difference is that the third party mods and servers are unavailable for you.

This cross platform mobile game is a great way to get to know Minecraft on the go. Playing Minecraft alone, however, isn't fun. Regardless of platform, Minecraft is built for communication, and its cross-compatibility allows you to play with friends.



The world's most popular battle royale game is available on almost any platform, including iOS and Android. You can play Fortnite on your phone for free without a subscription. Furthermore, the version for mobile devices has some features that make all your movements a little easier. You can automatically select your direction and open the doors in front of you. 


UniWar is an intelligent turn-based strategy game that is one of the most popular cooperative crossplatform mobile games. It's so addicting that it can easily take years of your life away. Everyone can deal with the game, but it can take an infinitely long time to study all the nuances of its tactics and strategy. The gameplay of UniWar is thought out to the smallest detail, and the balance is almost perfect — fans of the cult "Starcraft" will be immensely happy. In terms of complexity, UniWar is appropriate to compare with chess, mainly since the battlefield is represented by hexagonal cells.

Have Fun Without Borders 

We hope you find IOS games on Android on the list that you can play with your friends. Choose space travel, words, or construction, and have fun! Do you have any favorite cross-platform games that you play with your friends? Please, tell us in the comments. Share this post with your friends to select the ideal match together. Subscribe to find out about more fascinating games.